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$2 Baby Leg Warmers

Tuesday, January 3, 2012
Happy New Year!  Too busy for posts the past few weeks, but I'm ready to get back to creating....especially since my hubby got me a child size dress form for Christmas!  How lucky am I?!  Too many ideas have been circulating in my head for sewing my children's spring & summer clothing.  It'll be like my own mini Project Runway without the crazy hours or competition.  So exciting!  But one step at a time.

The current project of the day is in honour of the -17C weather that blew in last night.  I think leg warmers are going to be as staple as socks for the next few months, so I need more of them to keep my little ones cozy.  When I was pregnant with Tobias, I saw baby leg warmers in a baby boutique and thought they were a great idea...and paid $15 each for two pairs.  I still think they are a great idea, but I think it's an even better idea to make them from $2 socks!

This project literally took me 5 minutes to make, and it's great for girls & boys (Tobias wears his under his pants).

Buy some adult or youth socks.

Cut like this:

Get rid of the heel and the toe.  Fold the foot part in half, right sides together.

Place over the unfinished end of the sock, right sides together.


2 comments on "$2 Baby Leg Warmers"
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  2. thanks for your idea!! this inspired me to make one with a panty to my girl. this is my link where I share yours...


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