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Wednesday, February 1, 2012
This is it!  My final submission to the Project Run & Play Sew Along at Home Contest.  At first, I had no idea what to do for Special Occasion/Party Wear.  Then I watched Pride & Prejudice, and I knew I just had to see my baby girl in a little Jane Austen inspired gown.  And I also had only a few days to sew it because we left for our family vacation last Sunday.  I actually didn't get everything done, and ended up finishing it by hand with my feet up by the pool.  Now, I wouldn't mind doing that everyday! 

I didn't have to use a pattern for this dress, thanks to the dress form my hubby got me for Christmas.  It makes designing so much easier!

I'm quite excited about how the corset back turned out.  Originally, I was planning on using eyelets, but after testing them out, I couldn't get them to work because of how thin this fabric is.  So, I used some leftover lace instead, and I think the delicate look is so much better than eyelets would've been.

I found these buttons in my stash that just seemed to be made to match the embroidered cotton fabric.  The  gathered bodice is such a signature of the Regency era, and really gives the dress a Jane Austen look.

The colour possibilities are endless!

6 comments on "a little Jane Austen"
  1. what a darling dress! she looks like a little angel :)

  2. You are so talented and you have good taste!

  3. What a beautiful dress. Just love that fabric, and those buttons :)

  4. that is a inspiring dress. please post a tutorial/ pattern for it. i would love to make a dress like this for my daughter. by the way, what fabric did you use? i really enjoy all your designs. they are so simple and beautiful!

  5. Are you drafting a pattern for this one? I'd love to buy it! Just beautiful! I really do enjoy everything you make!

  6. Beautiful dress, I love it!! Pattern available?


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