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Shhh...Quiet Books!

Saturday, March 31, 2012

In an attempt to keep my children occupied with quiet activities while we are at church, travelling, etc. this week, I've been busy making these Quiet Books.  My goal was to create something that could be easily added to/changed in order to keep it interesting for them and here's what I came up with:

Sorry for not providing a full tutorial on this.  It was one of those projects that I wanted to finish quickly but it wasn't difficult, so I'll try to be descriptive enough about what I did.

For the covers of the books, I measured out my fabric (it's three layers thick) about 4 cm larger than the album refill pages on the inside (two of the polka dotted fabric, and one quilted polyester to give it a bit of added structure and heaviness).  Then I sewed the layers (polka dots facing each other with quilted layer behind them) and left the bottom open.  Flipped it right side out and topstitched/sewed the bottom closed.  The binding is grosgrain ribbon threading through small buttonholes.

For the personalized titles, I stamped ribbon with these letters using Tulip fabric markers.

I used these album refill pages for the inside.  This is favourite part because I can fill these pages with different activities, and the children can draw/write on them using dry erase markers.  Stickers also remove and reapply easily.

Here are the pages.  You can see what my little ones are really into these days.  With Tobias, it's all about Little Einsteins and Dot-to-Dots.

I had intended for Tobias to match the letter to the animal sticker using markers, but he wanted to move them.  Whatever, as long as he had fun!

 I got the idea for the gel filled bag from here.

Anja loves animals and In the Night Garden.

First thing in the morning, I couldn't wait to show Tobias & Anja their books...and they couldn't wait to use them!

7 comments on "Shhh...Quiet Books!"
  1. These are fantastic! I love the covers, they look so professional. I bet your kids will have hours of fun with them.

    1. Thank you so much! So far so I'm going to add more pages.

  2. I haven't seen a Quiet Book quiet like this one! Liking the way you used the binding ribbon to be a carrying handle as well. I'm wanting to make some to take to church for little ones (my grand babies are already past this.) that sit around me and also be able to add a new page every week or so. You've given me some great ideas here that I know children will enJOY! Thanks for sharing. Found you on Naptime Crafters.

  3. Oh boy! I've been working on my kids quiet book for a year - and there are so many pieces, so many pages, so much sewing - your idea is totally brilliant! (I don't even have a cover for mine yet). Love it!

  4. Theses are so cute! I'm a quiet book fanatic! These turned out just beautifully. Thanks for sharing! P.S. I am pinning it for inspiration. I hope you don't mind. =)

  5. Thank you all! And Sarah, pin away! :)

  6. I absolutely love this idea! How creative.


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