Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Natural Fabric Dyeing with Tumeric & Coffee

 What you need:

 about a half metre (a little more than half a yard) Linen Fabric 
(or try any white or light coloured 100% cotton fabric)



White Vinegar

Large Pot

 (I used 2 cups vinegar, 8 cups water)
This process preps the fabric so the dye will adhere to the fibres.

Machine wash in cold water and dry before sewing!


  1. This is a great Idea... I don't like using commercial dye and prefer something more natural!

  2. Wonderful and what a beautiful dress.

  3. So I dyed some cotton napkins.. and they turned out pretty good- a nice golden yellow. I washed and dried them and then I got one wet, and it turned dark orange. The more I rinsed it..the darker it got. They are currently in the washer and are a dark burnt orange. Any idea why this happened?

    1. I'm sorry...don't know what to say! This hasn't happened to me, maybe because I used linen....not sure!

  4. well they ended up being yellow again. however. after a few washes they are fading substantially. did this happen to yours?

  5. this is awesome! :D I love it!!!!

  6. I don't care if it fades, I'd do this before using those toxic synthetic dyes any day. Great tutorial.

  7. DO you mix the tumeric and coffee in a pot? Or is this two separate methods one for yellow one for brown? Please advise, luv this...


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