Natural Fabric Dyeing with Tumeric & Coffee


 What you need:

 about a half metre (a little more than half a yard) Linen Fabric 
(or try any white or light coloured 100% cotton fabric)



White Vinegar

Large Pot

 (I used 2 cups vinegar, 8 cups water)
This process preps the fabric so the dye will adhere to the fibres.

Machine wash in cold water and dry before sewing!

14 people left comments on: "Natural Fabric Dyeing with Tumeric & Coffee"

  1. This is a great Idea... I don't like using commercial dye and prefer something more natural!

  2. Wonderful and what a beautiful dress.

  3. So I dyed some cotton napkins.. and they turned out pretty good- a nice golden yellow. I washed and dried them and then I got one wet, and it turned dark orange. The more I rinsed it..the darker it got. They are currently in the washer and are a dark burnt orange. Any idea why this happened?

    1. I'm sorry...don't know what to say! This hasn't happened to me, maybe because I used linen....not sure!

  4. well they ended up being yellow again. however. after a few washes they are fading substantially. did this happen to yours?

  5. this is awesome! :D I love it!!!!

  6. I don't care if it fades, I'd do this before using those toxic synthetic dyes any day. Great tutorial.

  7. DO you mix the tumeric and coffee in a pot? Or is this two separate methods one for yellow one for brown? Please advise, luv this...

    1. Two methods for one brown (coffee) and one yellow (turmeric). Refer to photo with two pots on the stove. Enjoy!

  8. The best instruction I have ever seen. Thank you!

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  10. I was so happy to stumble upon this post on Pinterest! I followed the turmeric recipe above to dye a white polo shirt yellow for my 14 month old son's Charlie Brown Halloween Costume. I was worried it wouldn't turn out well since the fabric is 60% Cotton 40% Polyester (not 100% cotton as suggested), but it turned out PERFECT. I decided to hand washed the shirt rather than machine wash it once I was all done to make sure the color didn't fade. Thank you for this great tutorial!