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PR&P Week 3 Results & a Sneak Peak...

Monday, April 23, 2012
WOW!!  The lovely Sew-Along Judges at Project Run & Play selected my Toddler Sportswear Chic outfit as the winner this week.  

I'm seriously shocked, because if you take a look at the competition out there on the flickr group, you'll see why!  There was such a wide variety of amazing ensembles that reflected just about every aspect of sportswear imaginable.  I'm so thankful for the chance to create outfits along with all the other ladies who are sewing for their little ones.

Next up is the Earth Week Challenge.  I'm quite excited about it because I tried a couple of completely new (to me!) techniques, one of which will be obvious from my sneak peak...


4 comments on "PR&P Week 3 Results & a Sneak Peak..."
  1. Congratulations!! The coat is absolutely precious!!!

  2. Fantastic outfit Heidi!
    I LOVE the wee coat - great idea with the french seams :)

    1. Thank you, Libby! And your blog is looking fabulous, by the way!


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