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DIY piping

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Piping is a great way to accent your projects and it's pretty unbelievable how easy it is!  
Here's how I make it:

1.  your supplies: some cording, and some fabric, about 3 cm/1" wide and as long as you need
2.  attach your cording to the fabric...a little awkward, but just make sure you have a few stitches in there
3.  fold over the fabric and stitch as close to the cording as possible using a zipper foot.  I found that as I was stitching, it helped to feed the fabric in at an angle
4.  a few stitches at the end
5.  admire your work!
6 comments on "DIY piping"
  1. Cute, polkadot piping! I never made my own piping yet, but it indeed looks so simple. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Thanks, ladies! Do try's so simple! I was always afraid to do piping for some reason, but now that I have...there's no turning back! ;)

  3. I have always found that if you sew your piping stitch a little bit away from the piping then when you stitch it in place your NEW stitching is hiding the old one that really is just holding the piping together Dot

    1. This is how I do it as well. When I attach the piping to my project I go as close to the piping as possible with no worries that any of my original piping seams will show through.

  4. for a piping foot that holds and guides all sizes of piping for you so you can't mess it up. For home sewing machines


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