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My Very First Zip Fly

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Today is the day Melissa from Melly Sews has officially launched her new e-book Blank Slate Patterns.  I had the privilege of testing the Clean Slate Pants awhile back...and I'm so thrilled I did, because with Melissa's super instructions, I was able to sew my very first functional zip fly!  You should have seen me giddily opening and closing the zipper once it was done...seriously exciting stuff!  

It reminded me of how I used to be scared of attempting to sew a regular zipper, years ago.  I would only buy patterns with buttons because of the dreaded zipper, and then finally, one day, I said, "That's it!  I'm sewing a zipper!".  And sure enough, after I did, I felt so silly for not trying it sooner, because it was so easy!  I have to say, after completing the Clean Slate Pants, I thought pretty much the same thing...."Why didn't I try this sooner!?!".  So, if you have a boy or sew for boys, you must check out Blank Slate Patterns.  Plus there's a 20% off launch sale.  Melissa's mission to create stylish, functional boy patterns in a market heavily dominated by numerous options for girls, is truly commendable.  
Go check this out!! 

8 comments on "My Very First Zip Fly"
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    1. Thanks...couldn't have asked for a better pattern!

  2. ACK! So cute. I did EXACTLY the same thing when I finished my zip fly on these last week. I kept showing my husband and going, "it's real! It really works!" He was like, "Ok." Haha :)

    1. HA! Yep, me, too! My hubby's always (hopefully!) jokingly asking me when I'm going to make him a suit...and now the pressure is really on!!!!

  3. Nice!!! I particularly love the fabric you used ;o) Back in my costuming days I ripped out so many zippers that I came to loath them (most were invisible zippers). I do vaguely remember loving placket zippers because in comparison they were easy and come out looking great. The jacket I am currently working on has a separating zipper (it will be my first zipper in years and years) I may need liquid courage to get through it ;op Hopefully I will win Melly's book tomorrow (hopehopehope), but if not I'll be buying it and looking forward to making some zippered pants for the boys.
    Suzanne (

  4. Congrats on your win for PR&P! I can't WAIT to see this next round! rooting for you! :)

  5. Love your pants, and the detail on your pockets too.

  6. The pants look fantastic, I love the piping on the pockets. I'm looking forward to trying out this pattern and a zip fly soon.


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