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PR&P Week 3 - Kiss From a Rose

Friday, September 28, 2012

The Theme

This week's theme was to use a white sheet to create the majority of an outfit.  This proved to be a greater challenge than I thought it would be.  The numerous possibilities from one blank slate piece of fabric kept me second guessing my plans.  In the end, I decided to create two looks from one dress, by adding either a sash or a bolero jacket.  I am thrilled with how it turned out, and I hope you will be, too!

Kiss From a Rose

The Fabric

One king sized flat sheet made from 100% organic cotton.  

The New Techniques

Fabric Dyeing

I had never used Rit dye before this challenge, and I have to say I was very pleased with the result.  It was a lot quicker than the natural dyeing I had done in the past.  

Here's the sheet I started with.  I regret not taking pictures during the process, but you can see how the colour turned out from all the photos.


I really enjoyed my first attempt at stencilling.  Although similar to the freezer paper stencilling I did for week one, I liked the fact that I could reuse the stencil and just keep going.  I used acrylic paint and this Martha Stewart stencil.


While I love adding pleating to my garments, this was the first time I had combined it with draping (allowing the fabric to fall loosely from the pleat).  I just draped the fabric over my dress form, and started shaping.  It took awhile to figure out the look I wanted and then getting the fabric to take that shape.  Instead of ironing the pleats, as I usually would do, I just left them as is.  This technique worked exactly as I had wanted it to. I stabilized it on the inside of the bodice with some tulle (you can see it a little in the larger pic below).  

Invisible Zipper

My first invisible zipper!  I've been wanting to try this for awhile, and as I often say to myself after I try a new technique: "Why didn't I try this sooner?!".

Patterns & Tutorials

No patterns or tutorials were used in the making of this look.  I do need to give some credit to my little dress form, though...this outfit wouldn't have been possible to make without it! :)

Please vote for your favourite look at Project Run & Play.  And if it happens to be mine...THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

10 comments on "PR&P Week 3 - Kiss From a Rose"
  1. It is a beautiful dress and the color is gorgeous! If you have a minute, I would love to know about your dress form. What size is it? Is it adjustable to bigger sizes? I would love to get one to make sewing for my granddaughter easier.

    1. Thank you! And here's the link to the dress form I have. It is adjustable, so it will last for years, which I love.It's too big for Anja's outfits, but I can make it work for some of them.

  2. It is beautiful. I love the little flower dots on the bolero.

  3. i love that color! the little jacket is my favorite part, how cool that you stenciled it. great job!

  4. You are ONE SEWIN' MAMA!
    So sweet, Heidi. Great job!

  5. This is gorgeous! I love the draping across the bodice, and the color is so elegant. Great job! =)

  6. Heidi...great job. You managed to make a bed sheet look truly elegant! Bordeaux is a very in color right now, so great choice there as well. Your daughter is adorable. Love how you make sewing look so effortless (even though it most certainly is not). It's a mark of a true talent!

  7. This is such an elegant and dressy look. :) Can't believe that's your first invisible zipper- it looks perfect! :)

  8. Just lovely, very nicely done!! I love the dress form, where did you get it?


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