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PR&P - Week Two - Classic Johnny

Friday, September 21, 2012
Thank you so much to everyone who voted last week and made it possible for me to still be here competing.  I wanted so much to submit my week two look because, well, I love it (if you love it, too, you can vote for it here).  I can't get enough of the retro gentleman look, and adore dressing my little man this way.  So, without further ado, here's my week two Project Run & Play ensemble:

The Theme
To pick a Fashion Icon and design an outfit based on that person.

The Icon
Knowing that I wanted to design a look for Tobias, rather than Anja, made it easy to narrow down my choice.  And after doing a bit of research, I found out one of my top choices (and favourite actors) had recently won the Council of Fashion Designers of America Fashion Icon award (the only male recipient ever).  That's when I knew my iconic inspiration had to be none other than Johnny Depp.  His personal style seems to slightly resemble some of his movie characters, but one thing remains constant:  he rocks his classic/retro/vintage style like no other.  

                                                                  source 1source 2


Classic Johnny

The Fabrics

Fedora Hat:  poly/rayon blend (that looks and feels like a thick wool)
Shirt: Cotton
Vest:  herringbone wool blend
Trousers: herringbone wool blend
All linings: cotton

I have to mention the steal I got on the was only $2/metre in the clearance section!  So the pants & vest together cost less than $10 total (linings & notions included)!  I love a good deal!

The New Techniques

There were several for this look.  First of all, this was my second attempt at a zip fly, and I can safely say, it was easier this time around.  A still a bit time consuming, but definitely worth it!

I haven't done many welt pockets, so this was a fairly new technique, too.

Second time at an adjustable waistband.  These trousers are going to fit my boy for awhile!

My first cuffed hem.

This was the first time I've made sleeve pleats and finished cuffs.

My first muslin.  I have made a fedora hat before , but I feel like this time, I was able to capture what I really wanted.  I think it definitely helped to make a muslin first.  Much less bucket hat - way more fedora.  Peeking underneath, you can see the store bought hat that I used to shape my pieces.

The vest and hat are completely self-drafted.  The shirt is based on the Oliver + S Sketchbook Shirt and the pants are Melly Sews Clean Slate Pants with some of my added stylistic features.

For all the voting details, head over to Project Run & Play.  No pressure to vote for me....just vote for the one you think is best.  If you do vote for me, I thank you!


29 comments on "PR&P - Week Two - Classic Johnny"
  1. I do love Johnny! Good pic for your source of inspiration! I would love to dress my son in that outfit. It is incredibly handsome, and you did such a fantastic job- such great quality! Best of luck to you- I'm heading over to vote now.

  2. You've got my vote! I am way impressed with all of the effort and detail! Love the look!

  3. Wow, this is amazing! I love all of the details. I can tell it was a labor of love. Super work!

  4. So, so cool - this vintage boy stuff is what first drew me to your blog. I want a hat tutorial!

  5. I LOVE this...and not just because I am a huge Johnny Depp fan! What an absolutely adorable (or should I say handsome) ensemble. I can't believe it the vest & pants only cost $10 and also what an amazing job you did on the new techniques! It was so easy to vote for your design on PR&P this week. :-)

  6. Oh My God ....!!! your outfit totally nailed it. AWESOME !!!.jus love the entire look ...fabric choice, the details, and of course Johnny Depp(such a clever choice :)

  7. Out of the park, my friend! (smile)

  8. You did such a fantastic job! Love it!

  9. Incredible outfit, I love that you chose to sew for your son. Another vote for a hat tutorial too, I've wanted to make a fedora for my sons for a while and your version is perfect.

  10. I knew you did Johnny Depp just from seeing the first picture... you nailed it! I am sooo impressed.

  11. What a great look and so stylish!! Every detail is perfect!

  12. You rocked it girlfriend! Each detail on your pants are exactly what I have in my head for a pair for my son with a twill houndstooth! Beautiful job!

  13. This is such a great look! I love that you made that Fedora (go YOU!) because that is iconic Johnny. Great job!

  14. Visiting from PR&P... I love this outfit! And the fact that you MADE the fedora is incredible. =) Great job!

  15. Wow! Love the attention to detail, the fit, and that hat! :)

  16. I said this on Facebook already, but you did an amazing job! I love the little peeks of red lining in the pockets!

  17. Seriously. your sewing ability is so impressive. you amaze me every week with your designs! you totally captured johnny. oh and sweet deal on fabric!

  18. Your work is impeccable Heidi and congrats on a great job.

  19. Love it! I looked at them all, but voted for you.

  20. This is so amazingly beautiful and beautifully constructed. Great details! I still can't believe you made that hat.

  21. This is so cool! I love how the red sometimes peeks out. You have my vote!

  22. What an amazing job you did!! Brilliant.
    And I love Johnny too:)
    Great choice.

  23. amazing! yay for fantastic boy clothes. I may have to copy this for a wedding that Hendrix is going to be in this winter...

  24. I always love when contestants go boy! Love the look and impressive you also make the fedora!!

  25. I love the little bits of Spiderman I spy in the shirt and fedora :) Congrats on the win!


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