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Elegance & Elephants - Classic Johnny Vest Tutorial

Tuesday, October 23, 2012
Just bringing home the tutorial that was posted on Project Run & Play after Fashion Icon week...

Hello PR&P readers!  I'm so excited to be here this morning sharing this tutorial with you.  Could you believe all the incredible outfits submitted for Fashion Icon week?!  What an awesome theme...I could see there was a lot of passion behind the designers and Flickr group's looks.  I'm sure all the Fashion Icons would be proud...wouldn't it be so cool if they actually saw them!?

Anyway, I'm going to show you how I made the Johnny vest.  

First of all, you'll need three types of fabric for the front, back, and lining.  See the hideously frayed shorts my husband used to wear (don't ask me how that happened...I have no idea!)?  Yeah, that's what I used for the back of the vest, and there's the houndstooth and patterned red for the front & lining.

To trace the pattern pieces, I used a vest I had previously made, although you could use a shirt as well.  Notice how I changed the shape of the bottom.  

The pieces:

Sew the back and back lining together at the centre.
Then sew the back to the front at the sides.
Repeat these steps with your lining.

Here's how to make the faux welt pockets (that are already done on the pic above).
As you can see, I added interfacing to the pockets.  Not entirely necessary, so may want to skip that step.  If you're using a striped pattern, like I did, don't forget to line up them up with the fabric on the front.

 Here are the ties in the back.  I just sewed some long, thin rectangles right sides together, flipped them right side out, then pressed and topstitched them, leaving on end open.  Attach them by folding the open end under, and sewing them on the vest, reinforced with an X.

Attach the lining to the outer front and back leaving the shoulders and bottom of the back open.  Click all the curves.

Turn the vest right side out.  Fold in the back shoulder the width of your seam allowance, tuck in the front shoulder, press, and blind stitch closed.  Blind stitch the bottom of the vest closed.

Go have some fun with your new vest!!

I hope you've enjoyed this tutorial and that you'll come visit me at  Elegance & Elephants for more info on when you'll see other how-tos from this look (including the hat).

4 comments on "Elegance & Elephants - Classic Johnny Vest Tutorial"
  1. I love this! I have so many pairs of wool pants to repurpose. This would be perfect!

  2. What a cutie! He's so stylin'.

  3. Oh my god! The vest is awesome but the boy is even more! He is so cute.

  4. thank you SOO much for having this site! I will definitely be back. Absolutely amazing ideas that are going to help me in many ways. Thank you!!


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