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PR&P Finale!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012
WOW!  I simply cannot thank all my supporters enough for helping me get to the Project Run & Play finale!  As you can imagine, things have been very busy around here, and I'm working very hard on creating something that represents my style aesthetic.  Shouldn't be too much of a surprise if you've been following my designs.  :)  I do hope that what I present will be able to inspired you, my readers, in some way or another.  This journey has been amazing, from being a basically self-taught seamstress and newbie blogger, to the finale of a competition that I've been a diligent spectator of from the sidelines for so long.

So, once again, THANK YOU!

And, a question...I need to prepare my tutorial for tomorrow, and I'd like to get your input: would you rather: the hat or the tutu?  Just comment below to let me know!

Well, back to sewing...I've been at it since 5am if you can believe it!  Two more days and then I'll rest!

7 comments on "PR&P Finale!"
  1. HAT!!!!!!! pretty pretty please ;o) So happy you have made it so far!

  2. The tutu is adorable, but there are a lot of tutu tutorials out there, so go with the hat.

  3. I agree with everyone else - hat, all the way. Congrats Heidi - you're doing a phenomenal job!!

  4. It's getting chilly outside. The hat tutorial would be great.

  5. absolutely the hat, it's so adorable & is different to any i've seen. it's been so good to see you doing well this pr&p, you're an amazing seamstress, well done!!!


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