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PR&P - Signature Look

Friday, October 19, 2012

Is there any way to say how excited I am to share this Signature Look with you?!  Probably not!  To be able to still be in this competition is such a privilege, and one I do not take lightly.  To all my dear supporters who have helped me make it this far, THANK YOU!!

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As I mentioned a couple weeks ago, I have a passion for designing clothing for my boy.  But quite honestly, I had planned on making outfits for both Tobias and Anja this week.  But then, as I began more specifically designing my look, and thinking about what I especially love to make, I realized that I was most excited about Tobias' pieces.  I love to design for Anja, too, but there is something about making garments for Tobias in a world dominated by so many girls' options, that I love.  So, I came to the conclusion that the challenge of making stylish clothing for my boy is a big part of my signature, hence, the ensemble exclusively for Tobias.

Classic stylings are a big part of my signature, and this peacoat defines that.  This is something that you could see in vintage photos from years gone by, and yet, with closer inspection, you can see modern elements, too.  No faux, here...everything is functional, from the front welt pockets, to the back belt, and the wrist cuff adjusters.

I especially love this personal touch to the coat.  Tobias loves elephants, so I wanted to add this special detail to his coat.  I drew, and then cut out the stencil from the one I bought for the white sheet challenge bolero jacket.  It then became part of the tag for the coat.

I rarely complete an outfit without a hat (5 out of 6 outfits for PR&P have had hats!), so this little newsboy cap was a must to make.  I think my favourite part is that the plaid lining creates a design.  I just love those hidden subtle details that makes a garment one-of-a-kind.  

Since the options are a little slim when it comes to outfitting an ensemble for a boy, I like to add these classic accessories to complete a look.  And what boy doesn't look adorable in suspenders & a bowtie?

The classic sport coat...a little preppy addition to this ensemble.  Because I wanted it to be more tailored than a blazer, I pieced the body, as well as the sleeves.  Fits like a glove!

The trousers are made from stretch denim, so I made the design a little more like jeans.  The five point pockets are typical of jeans, as well as the back pocket detail.

The shirt is where my signature colour pop comes in.  The yellow accented with blue gingham is something that is very typical of what I design.  And all the hidden details: contrasting button placket, cuffs, and collar: just my style.

This is how I felt when I finished the final stitch on this outfit!

Thank you all once again for following along this Project Run & Play journey with me and all the other designers.  I am so grateful to have been a part of this.  The experience of stretching myself as a designer through this competition is something I will always cherish.  But for now, my machines and I will enjoy a little break...and some sleep!  :)

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14 comments on "PR&P - Signature Look"
  1. Great job Heidi, and I think this was your best photo shoot to date as well! Congrats on the finals.

  2. The most gorgeous boys outfit I've ever seen!! Did you hand draft all of this or use patterns? I'm in awe!!

  3. I am in awe of your talent. Great job Heidi! Best of luck this week!

  4. Once again, simply incredible! I love all the crisp details, and the little hidden touches. I love that everything fits perfectly, I love that you made an entire ensemble, and I love the time and attention you obviously put into this. Beautiful job!

  5. Almost all of my votes have been for your designs :)
    I love your work and your children are just adorable! Best of luck!

  6. once again - phenomenal job!!! Love,love love your attention to details!!! I also love the fit you get in your boys clothing, it all looks perfectly tailored - which is hard on any child garment. Good luck and great sewing ;o)

  7. Wonderful pictures!
    And... how on Earth can you sew such a complete outfit in just one week?? I mean, look at all those details - those alone would make me need a week non-stop sewing for just *one* garment... Completely amazing!

    Good luck with the finale!


  8. Wow! You are amazing and I absolutely love this outfit! Well done!!!!

  9. Seriously amazing! My favorite part is the suspenders. ;) Thanks for sharing your talent!

  10. The suspenders, my son needs it!!. This outfit is fabolous!! and so elegant.
    The coat, the vest, shirt, everything. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!! Good Luck!!

  11. Heidi,

    Your pieces are each so very detailed and well made. I think your style is polished and your creations amazing. Great job!!

  12. Good luck Heidi. Again, I'm in complete awe. You are like a tailor for children, so very impressive & such a lot of work!!! You deserve a break after this huge experience!

  13. I am your new follower, beautiful clothes, your skills are impressive.!

  14. I absolutely adore all of these pieces. I can't believe you did so many!! Amazing!


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