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PR&P Week 5 - Apple of My Eye

Friday, October 12, 2012

It's hard believe with all the talent this season, that I'm still a competitor in Season 5 of Project Run & Play!  Thank you so much to each one of you who have voted for me and for all the lovely comments.  The encouragement and commendations are appreciated more than you know!

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The challenge for week 5 was to pick a Fall Holiday and create a look inspired by it.  I didn't have to think very long before deciding to choose Thanksgiving.  Two years ago, my baby girl was due Hallowe'en, but I hoped and prayed she'd been born Thanksgiving...and wouldn't you know it!?  Exactly three weeks early, there she came, and I was one happy mama!  (Here in Canada Thanksgiving is in October)  :)

So this particular holiday has extra special meaning, and was the easy choice.  From there, I decided to go with outerwear for the cool, crispness in the air, and a party dress, for semi-fancy dinners.

I was very intentional with selecting this palette.  Because Thanksgiving is a holiday often associated with the delectable food, I wanted to select a palette that was literally delicious!  (ok, admittedly, I'm not a fan of squash, although I do love the colour butternut!!) :)

Does this hat not look like a little apple pie with decorative stem & leaf?  

The embroidery - in thinking of something unique to add to the coat, and went with an apple theme - Anja loves apple and since I wanted this look to be something special for her, it was a fit.  It was a pretty painstaking process, but I'm glad I did it.  There's nothing that says one-of-a-kind than hand-stitched embroidery.  It was a pleasure to spend the time creating something special for my baby girl!

I decided to do something I've never done with a collar before: gathered it.  I tested it out when I was fitting it to the coat and liked the effect.  I also liked to allow the lining to show to add some more colour.

My sweet, newly turned two 'baby' enjoying her first lollipop!  At first, she was so determined to get to the playground that she kept shoving it out of her mouth.  It took several attempts before she'd actually eat it.  Funny girl!

The dress: apple green linen lined, chocolate coloured velveteen, with personally made piping and hand-stitched embroidery polka dot embellishments.  This dress is very typical of my personal aesthetic: clean, classic lines, a bit of colour pop, and simple, personal details.  This fabric in one of my favourites to work with in terms of fall/winter clothing.  It holds it's shape nicely, has a bit of stretch, plus it's naturally cotton.  I went with a exaggerated a line shape and added inverted pleats around the dress.  

There is one subtle, tiny pleat on each sleeve...just for a bit of shape and detail.

I made the piping from the apple green linen fabric the bodice is lined with.  This is how I make my own piping.  Selection for notions are often quite slim around here, but this is a blessing in disguise.  I now prefer making these embellishments myself since you can really personalize your garment details.

A close-up of the embroidered detailing at the hemline of the dress.

To help support the weight of the velveteen and compliment its shape, I made this little tutu/crinoline.  

Again, here's where you go to vote.  Thank you so much if you choose to vote for me!

18 comments on "PR&P Week 5 - Apple of My Eye"
  1. This is my favorite this week! I just adore the embroidery and that dress is such a cute shape. Well done!!

  2. Oh Heidi, the hat, the coat! I'm in love. Great job - adorable shape, but that embroidery is just wow!

  3. You are amazing. A guest post, Thanksgiving and your daughter's birthday and you pull this off!? You are a super star! Love all the details. Job very well done!

  4. Oh my goodness! You are a wonder. Your embroidered orchard is beautiful, I love every single thing.

  5. What a gorgeous outfit!! I would love patterns for all of it. I love the shape and lines and all the little details of the coat and dress. Fabulous job!!

  6. you won my vote with just the coat - then you made that gorgeous dress too! I love the apple hat. I now want to do something similar, the embroidery made me think of the giving tree - a book I adore.

  7. What a lovely outfit! I love the trees, the lining, the embroidery, the intentional color palate and the pictures. :)

  8. Un bonjour de France pour saluer ce joli travail digne d'un orfèvre ! BRAVO !

    1. Bonjour du Canada et merci beaucoup pour votre salutation gentille!

  9. Once again you have outdone yourself!!! Every week I am in awe at what you come up with and are able to create with in the time frame! The embroidery this week was my favorite part and that you picked some of my favorite fall colors.

  10. I love this entire ensemble... the fullness of the dress with the dots of embroidery, the piping and crinoline. My favorite pieces are the coat and hat though... the embroidery on the coat is beyond beautiful, and I love the shape and asymmetry, and that hat is completely adorable.
    I also love the boots in the first few pictures... where did you find them?

  11. Wonderful job, yet again Heidi! I always love to see your classic designs!

  12. Amazing! Hats off to the fact that you took all that time to sew and stitch and make a gorgeous outfit and then hand your little woman a sucker! Brave momma! :) So darling!

  13. I just wanted to let you know how adorable and creative this outfit is Heidi! Got my vote!

  14. Oh wow, this whole outfit is just adorable! I'm so envious of your skills! I'm a very beginner sewer, but I aspire to make cute little outfits like this for my future children!

  15. One very beautiful ensemble. I love it. Good work!

  16. That is just too cute, very original, you are very talented


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