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Knock it Off - Straightgrain

Tuesday, November 13, 2012
Today, An, from Straightgrain, is joining us for the series, all the way from Belgium.  She is an incredibly talented seamstress whose vintage-inspired designs are taking blogland by storm.  I have found it impossible to not take notice of her elegant style, thoughtful fabric choices, and her ability to create exquisitely finished garments modelled by her adorable daughter, Norah.  I'm so excited that she's here with yet another super cute dress!  Thank you so much for sharing your talent here, An!

Hi everyone! I’m An from StraightGrain, and I’m thrilled to be featured here in this wonderful series at Elegance & Elephants.

In contrast to some of Heidi’s previous guests, I will not be knocking off a garment from a fancy brand (I planned to, but couldn’t find the right fabrics in time). Instead, I tried to bring my own interpretation of an out-of-print 1960s dress pattern. I found the pattern in an amazing online webshop with nothing but vintage patterns.

Not only the pattern is vintage, by the way. The striped seersucker fabric I used is actually a little duvet cover under which I used to sleep as a baby. Straight from the ‘80s!

Here is how I made the dress:

The result is quite okay, although in retrospect, I shouldn’t have used a striped fabric, as the stripes camouflage the lovely curve lines which make the original pattern so gorgeous. But then again, Norah doesn’t seem to care:

Thank you so much for having me, Heidi! I really look forward to the creations of all the next guests!

8 comments on "Knock it Off - Straightgrain"
  1. Very cute! I adore StraightGrain - so glad she was part of the Series!!!

  2. How sweet that you used your baby duvet cover for your little one's dress. I love vintage, and this is so cute.

  3. This is so adorable, An! As usual, Norah is rocking it as your model. :) So glad to see you on here today!

  4. I was so excited when I saw your in the "Knock if off" line-up! And for good reason, as you showed once again today! What a great little dress, though I'm biased as I love stripes and blue:) How great that you were able to use vintage fabric from your youth too:) THanks for sharing!

  5. Thank you for those super kind comments, everyone! It was so great guest posting here at E&E.

  6. Seer sucker and vintage...gotta love it!

  7. This is great! Your work is always phenomenal!!


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