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Fun with Freezer Paper

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


If you ask my son who his favourite author is, without a moment's hesitation, he'll tell you it's Mo Willems.  His witty, humorous stories are heard frequently in our home, and for Christmas this year, I wanted to stencil a shirt for Tobias with one of his most beloved characters: the pigeon.  


Plain store bought shirt
Freezer paper
Acrylic paint
Water-based screen printing ink
Foam brush
Craft knife

First, I found a great resource for drawings of the pigeon:

Then, I got out my paints.  I like to mix the acrylic with the screen-printing ink so that the paint is less stiff when it dries.

The best resource I've found for instructions on freezer paper stencilling is here, courtesy of Dana.
Here's the results of my stencil after I painted (minus the centre of the eye that has since gone missing!):

And this is the final result:  

Here are some other freezer paper stencilled shirts & onesies I've made for my nephews and a friend's baby girl.  

9 comments on "Fun with Freezer Paper"
  1. That's a cute way to do the pigeon shirt! It caught my eye b/c I did a pigeon shirt with fabric markers a while back:
    I need to try the freezer paper trick sometime! :) We love Mo too! :)

  2. we love the Pigeon - and Mo, I was introduced by my friend who is an elementary school librarian... awesome shirt!

    1. Thanks, Suzanne! Gotta love Mo Willems...pretty much everything he writes is so great!

  3. This is so great, Heidi! It kept the perfect "sketchy" feeling of the original drawings. Awesome!

  4. We're big fans of Mo too..... in fact, for Christmas, our niece is receiving 3 Elephant and Piggie books to add to her books! LOVE THEM!

  5. what's the ratio of acrylic to screen print ink?

  6. I have to admit, I love more Mo Willems than my kids, I bought for them the "Pigeon Activity Books", but I copy for them the pages to play with the activities more than once. (it is not a cheap book and have three kids).


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