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Up-cycled and Colour Blocked

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Thanks to the X Large cardigan I used to make the Zara leggings knock-off, I had a lot of useful fabric leftover.  The bottom edge was perfect for making a comfortable oversized sweater for Anja, so I got busy with this project over the past couple days.

Here are my pieces:


This is the placket for the back.

The first step was sewing the bottom piece together.

Then, prepare the button placket by adding some very lightweight interfacing.

Cut down the centre of the back, half the length of the placket.

Attach the placket.

Stitch front to back at shoulders.

Attach sleeves.

Stitch side seams/under arm seams.

Make a casing and insert elastic for the cuffs.

Stitch top of sweater to the bottom.

Cut two pieces of twill tape for the back ties.

Stitch a strip of fabric to the neckline.  Fold over and stitch in the ditch to make a casing for elastic and ties.

Insert elastic.

 Insert ties, and stitch casing closed.


5 comments on "Up-cycled and Colour Blocked"
  1. sooo cute, I love the key hole and bow in the back!

  2. Adorable! I love the colors and that you did an interesting shape! It's a breath of fresh air for little girl clothes!


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