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DIY Mitten Clips

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Tired of losing mittens and gloves?  I sure am!  Today I decided it was time to sew some clips so I would no longer spend way too much time searching for mitts.  This project is so easy, it doesn't even need instructions...just check out the photos and you'll have some clips in a few minutes!  

5 comments on "DIY Mitten Clips"
  1. I wonder if I would look too geeky if I made some of these for me. I have always lost gloves and mittens and age has not improved my ability in this area.

  2. Mary Lou, I'm 66, and I have them on my mittens! I lost too many, and decided the heck w/ it, I didn't care what other people thought, I didn't want to keep buying more mittens. I will now lose no mitten before it's time! I had to go to Kids R Us to get them - they don't sell them in Big Girl stores! Now I'll just make my own.


  3. I have been looking everywhere for clips like that. Where did you find them and what are they called? Thank you! Great post.

    1. You're welcome, Michelle and thank you! I found them at my local fabric store. If you go to yours and ask for suspender clips, I'm pretty sure they'd have them. You can also buy them at numerous shops on easy.

  4. This is an awesome version of making mitten keepers. Its really easy for me to follow opposed to others that I have found. I'm going to do this style but with 1inch grosgrain ribbon and make them a bit longer.


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