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The Fabulous Ruffle Top Testers

Friday, March 8, 2013
I am so incredibly excited to share with you the wonderful creations the Ruffle Top pattern testers made.  These ladies did an amazing job, and I've been anxiously waiting for the opportunity to be able to show off what they did with the pattern.  Without further ado, here they all are...

The A Line Dresses

Ajaire from Call Ajaire
I love Ajaire's use of contrasting fabric for the armhole, hem, and button loop.  Just gorgeous!

This beautiful yellow fabric was a great choice for Annika's precious cutie!

Evie from Pendle Stitches
Right on trend, Evie chose a nautical print for her dress.  It's suits her sweet daughter perfectly!

Love the print Hillary chose and how she tied it in front with pink.  So cute!

Rebecca's sweet baby girl modelling some houndstooth...isn't she adorable?!

Love the styling and aubergine print paired with olive green for Sally's creation!

The Tunics

Amy from Sews N Bows
Amy did a lovely job using a beautiful vintage floral print for her tunic.

Alexia from Ty Bebe Photography
In case you missed my post earlier this week, here's a few more gorgeous shots by Alexia.  Stunning!

Chris did an impeccable job with her tunic.  Nicely done with the contrasting ruffles!

Mie from Sewing Like Mad
Overdose of cuteness on Mie's tunic!  Love her detailing and use of contrast.

Seriously...can Suzanne's cutie girl be any sweeter in her Ruffle Top & jeggings?!

The Swing Dresses

Barbara's adorable daughter looks all ready for summer in this beautiful Swing dress.  Those colours are perfect!

Bernadette's Swing dress is layered with chiffon.  So beautifully whimsical and I love that emerald sash!

Chloe from Deadly Craft
How pretty is Chloe's creation, in this navy & white dandelion print!?  And it passes the twirl test! :)

Olga from Kid Approved
 And last but most certainly not least, is Olga's beautifully made Swing dress.  Lovely!

Are you as incredibly impressed as I am!?  I can't thank these ladies enough for patiently working with me on this first pattern.  There is so much detail work that goes into this process, and there's no way I could pull it off on my own.  Their feedback has made it possible for me to take this pattern to the next level...something I couldn't have done without them.  So, ladies, my humble thanks to each one of you and your lovely daughters.

Final touches are being for the Ruffle Top pattern release on Monday!

12 comments on "The Fabulous Ruffle Top Testers"
  1. This was a fun pattern to work with! I love the contrast side panels from Suzanne. I almost did that and now I know I want to for the tunic I make :)
    Thank you Heidi!

  2. How fun it is to see all of the different variations from one simple but great pattern. Now I just have to wait till tonight when I have time to check out everyone's blogs.

  3. Beautiful dresses and tunics! absolutely elegant patterns, Heidi!
    Can't wait 'till Monday :)

  4. You have a winner! It's so nice to see this on very little kids and older girls and mixed up in so many ways.

  5. What a great range of variations from one pattern! Looking forward to seeing the finished product!

  6. I can understand why you are happy for your testers - so many great outcomes. It was an honor to be amongst them.

  7. What a fantastic job! All of these creations are lovely!

  8. My sister is Ajaire and I am in love with the contrast at the hems. And the color is one of my favorite colors in the world! I also love the orange dress by Barbara. I think it really suits the style!

  9. I love all the variation from one pattern :) How fun to see what everyone came up with. I can't wait to make a tunic with contrasting panels!

  10. Love these!!! Really such a sweet little design and I love seeing the dress version too!

  11. Wow, they are all so great, I'm drooling over Hillary's fabric choice, that pink sash is adorable and the fit is Perfection!


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