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KCW Day 4

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Pattern: Modifed Bubble Dress
Fabric: Jersey Knit

Pattern: Riding Pants
Fabric: Knit Cotton Blend (patch - stretch denim)

It was a very happy day the morning I discovered Jessica had sent me her new pattern, the Riding Pants . Not only is she one of the nicest ladies you'll ever know in blogland (and in real life, too, I'm sure!), but she's the incredible talent behind Me Sew Crazy, the Sewing Rabbit, and SewSet (among other ventures).  And this pattern is awesome, to say the least.  It took me an hour and a half from start to finish, and has a ton of possibilities for customizing to your personal taste.  I've never actually sewn a proper faux fly, and I'm super happy with the result.  And the button detail at the ankle...such a perfect touch.  Thank you, Jess, for this wonderful pattern!  I'll definitely be making more!   

5 comments on "KCW Day 4"
  1. super cute! love that little top and the coral and navy is a lovely combo!

  2. Oooh this is my fave yet! I love your color choices as well. and of sew so impeccably! Your daughter is so darn cute! Her pigtails kill me.

    I am super excited for your knock it off series coming up too! I love your beautiful blog Heidi!

  3. Oh, cute and comfy pant! love the soft peach color and all details.

  4. Love the white bow on the navy top... one of my favorite color combinations.

  5. wow :) adorable :) I want one for me too :)


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