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Grading Down the Pleated Playsuit Pattern

Thursday, May 30, 2013
Because I received so many inquiries for me to provide smaller sizes for the Pleated Playsuit pattern, I decided to make some diagrams that should help with the process of grading it down a couple of sizes.   

Cut out and tape the pattern together, and then use the measurements in the diagrams below to grade it to the size you need.  The pant back is graded down the same as the front (below), except the 3/8"/1cm measurement along the sides will also extend along the back rise.

For the additional self-drafted pieces, measure the following:

Leg Cuffs (short pant)  6m/9m - 1.75"X12.5"(4.5cmX32cm)
                                     3m/6m - 1.75"X 12" (4.5cmX3cm)
Leg Cuffs (long pant)   6m/9m - 1.75"X8.5"(4.5cmX21.5cm)
                                     3m/6m - 1.75"X 8"(4.5cmX20cm)
Shoulder Ties -             3m-9m - 1"X14"(2.5cmX35.5cm)

I hope this helps!  Contact me if you need any clarification and I'll try my best to explain further.
5 comments on "Grading Down the Pleated Playsuit Pattern"
  1. You are so AWESOME to do this for all of us!!! I'm sure we could NOT Thank you enough!! If we were neighbors you would be FAT cuz I <3 to thank w/ fresh baked goods!!!! Now let's just pray I can figure this out! LOL Thanks again,

    1. HA, HA!!! You're very welcome, Chelie! :)

  2. Thanks! I have a six month old and am excited to make a few of these for her for the summer now.

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