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Knock it Off - Winter Wonderings, Wanderings, and Whatnot

Wednesday, May 1, 2013
It's Day 1 of the Knock it Off series here at E&E, and kicking things off, is the amazing Suzanne who's treating us to a beautifully made Gap replica.  It's perfection is no wonder, since pretty much anything and everything she makes for her adorable children is flawless!  Here's a little peek of what she's sharing over at her blog, Winter Wonderings, Wanderings, and Whatnot:

It is that time  again... the time to find something you love and say - I can make that - the time to KNOCK IT OFF!

3 comments on "Knock it Off - Winter Wonderings, Wanderings, and Whatnot"
  1. awww - thank you Heidi - you are the best!!! I love this series SOOOOOO MUCH, you better never stop hosting it!

    1. THANK YOU, Suzanne!!! :) No plans to stop hosting!!! :)

  2. such an adorable top! cannot wait to see the rest!


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