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Introducing a Guest: Compagnie M

Friday, June 7, 2013
Have you heard of Compagnie M?  This Belgian mom to two adorable daughters, is new to the blogging world, but her original designs are quickly becoming recognizable as her patterns take the online sewing world by storm.  And did I mention she has generously offered FIVE free patterns on her blog?!  I'm so impressed by the quality of her work and her unique designs.  If you don't already follow Compagnie M, I highly recommend you do, because you won't want to miss out on anything Marte is creating!  It is my pleasure to introduce Marte to you today, as my guest.

Hi dear E&E followers,

I’m so trilled to get the opportunity to show you my work today at E&E’s blog! So first of all I would like to thank Heidi. I’m sooo happy to get this chance to present this ‘little Belgian fish in the big sea’! I guess you never heard about Compagnie M. before right!? That’s probably because I only started my little blog about 3 months ago….
But I would like to take you further back in time to present my silly little stuff and myself. Like a lot of seamstresses, when I got pregnant (about 3 years ago) I felt the need to be creating something for my baby twins. So one evening, I was telling Bjorn: I really need a sewing machine! And tadaaa: he came back to me with an antique Singer (hand driven) and a big smile on his face. Bjorn collects everything that smells like old stuff and one day he got this lovely Singer sewing machine from his parents as a present. What a nice gift!


So this very old Singer, became my first sewing buddy. But except for sewing straight & straight & straight, it wasn't really helping. And I was a lousy one-hand-sewing-lady. So eventually I bought myself a brand new Husqvarna. The best decision ever. I was really surprised at that time to see the machine make my buttonholes automatically. But then I started feeling a little clumsy. I had this sophisticated machine, so I needed to get my sewing skills on the same level. One year ago I started following my first course and what happened is obvious: I became addicted to sewing! I started making children’s clothes because I kept hoping to lose some weight myself one day (which never happened of course).


Being a product developer by education I became frustrated when I noticed that the patterns I was using, didn’t always turned out to be just like I wanted them to be… So I started drawing patterns myself! Visiting An from Straight Grain was one of the best thing that ever happened to me. She convinced me to start blogging (in English) and another addiction is a fact now. A whole new world is opening to me: blogs, series, Pinterest, drawing my own patterns,... I just love it! I hope you can see my enthusiasm on my blog?

I have 5 free patterns available on my blog at the moment. Do you like one? Just visit my blog! I’ll be happy to share them with you.

And of course I would like to thank Heidi to make this perfect Bubble Shorts pattern. Lisa is sooo happy to carry around her little bunny all the time! The pattern is to cute to be true. Last week we were working both on our own playsuit pattern: what a coincidence! We’ll be swapping our patterns for a future post so be sure to check both blogs sometime later this month to see the result. And I’m so excited to know what pattern Heidi is working on at this moment… I’ll surely keep following her blog!

Thank you so much for sharing here today, Marte!  It is easy to see you have a real passion for sewing, pattern-making and of course, your wonderful family!  
10 comments on "Introducing a Guest: Compagnie M "
  1. Three months of blogging???? Marte is amazing! Can't wait to see your romper switch.....that will be fun!

  2. Oh, she's adorable, Heidi! Thank you for the introduction. So cute!

  3. I've been on her blog over the past month or so and her patterns/tutorials are all super cute.

  4. Thanks a lot Heidi for the lovely welcoming here and on your Facebook page! My blog gets a great boost!

  5. Marte is amazing! It has been great getting to meet her, and she's by far the most productive blogger I know. Great decision to feature Marte, Heidi :-)

  6. I found Marte via Pinterest a couple of months ago and was excited to see new free patterns! :) I guess I did not realize she was such a new blogger. The new playsuit is adorable.

    -Laura (

  7. Just recently discovered her blog and it's awesome! :)

  8. I discovered Marte a few weeks ago on my link party and hope to sew up those adorable pants talented,that one!

  9. Love your work, Marte. Your bubble shorts are perfect!


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