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Flip This Pattern - Tinny Dress

Sunday, August 25, 2013
Bringing home my post for the Flip This Pattern series over at Frances Suzanne.  If you'd like to vote for your favourite look, today's the last day!  

Choosing Straightgrain's Tinny pattern as my selection for 'Flip this Pattern' was easy.  What wasn't as easy, was how to 'flip' a dress already so wonderfully designed with so many options already included with the pattern?  It quickly became clear to me that I needed to make it a different type of garment altogether, and 'flip' it front to back.  In the end, my Tinny dress, became a Tinny jacket...

Here are the changes I made to the Tinny Dress pattern:

  • Cut back bodice on fold
  • Cut 2 front bodices and increased width by 1.5 inches/4cm 
  • Cut Peter Pan Collar on the fold
  • Lengthened the sleeves
  • Shortened skirt, cut front skirt in 2
  • Added bodice and sleeve linings
  • French seams on skirt side seams
Fabric: Cotton Twill (outer fabric), Quilter's Cotton (lining), Black Velvet (collar, cuffs)

Thank you so much for including me in this awesome series, Emily & Ashley!  And thank you, An, for such a great pattern!
5 comments on "Flip This Pattern - Tinny Dress"
  1. It's beautiful! I Love it and your sweet little Girl!!

  2. Congratulations Heidi, on winning the official Flip! You did a great job!

  3. WHAT A CUTIE daughter modeling your "FLIP the pattern" creation, a FAB-styled Tinny jacket converted from a dress, front to back. Looks like a perfect job sewing the fabric: tiny black diamond patterned motifs on a white background. The stark black velvet Peter Pan collar & cuff trims plus the 4 large back buttons are sharp highlights coordinated with black shorts. I did not see your outfit in time to vote, but saw that you are the WINNER from Frances Suzanne's series. HEIDI, you are a WINNER INDEED!
    I just bookmarked your blog for future viewing... THANKS. Sarah Helene in Minneapolis, MN USA

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