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Moms Know Moms at Little Kids Grow

Tuesday, October 15, 2013
My friend and fellow-blogger, Shannon, from Little Kids Grow is a huge inspiration to me. She's a mom of six (with a sweet number seven on the way) who somehow finds the time to create beautiful clothing for her children and herself (and she homeschools, too!). Aside from that, she's incredibly passionate about parenting and has brought together a group of blogger moms to give honest insights to how we function behind the scenes of our online blog lives.  Today, it's my turn to share, so feel free to stop by.  Thank you, Shannon for this wonderful series, and honouring me with the invitation to participate.

1 comment on "Moms Know Moms at Little Kids Grow"
  1. Thank you so much, Heidi! What an encouraging interview!


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