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A Petit Series

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Today is the day we are finally able to share a little (ok, BIG) secret we have kept from a fellow blogger whom we admire and adore.  Celina, from Petit à Petit and Family is someone whose style, skill, and aesthetic has taking the blogging world by storm, and on a personal level, has amazed me ever since I came upon her blog a couple years ago.

When asked if I would participate in this series, which honours Celina's style, I knew exactly what I'd like to do.  In December, I was so enthralled by the outstanding Nutcracker outfits she made for her children to wear on Christmas Eve.  The colours, the photography, the props, and of course, the designs themselves, all left me so inspired.  And then there was the Circus post, so artistically modelled by her daughter.  I really wanted to capture some of the mood and energy of those photos.  Having a little ballerina of my own, I knew that I would have to create something reminiscent of her favourite Tchaikovsky ballet: Swan Lake.  Anja was so thrilled and eager to have her own input into this idea, and insisted that the video of the Swan Lake Theme play while I photographed her (can you tell she's watching it off camera?).  This was one photo shoot she was genuinely and completely excited about!

So, without further ado, here's my take on What Would Celina Do...

Ballet Sweater: Heidi & Finn
Tutu- Self-drafted
Bodysuit & Ballet Slippers: from ballerina's wardrobe :)

There's so much more to see and enjoy (click on the images)!

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16 comments on "A Petit Series "
  1. Fantastic job Heidi! You nailed it... very Celina-ish! :-)


  2. Uh, someone had fun there....LOVE the photos - too cute!

  3. OMG the cuteness! So sweet and I love swan lake. And I am a little overwhelmed at the moment and in a bit of a shock. You have been such an intricate part of my blogging, especially when it comes to sewing and so I feel so honored to have you take part of this series. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I feel very privileged to have you as a friend and a continuous source of inspiration. thank you.

  4. That is soooo freakin cute! What an amazing community! I am sooo proud to be a newbie blogger and be able to see all this love for each other!

  5. So fun!!! Such cute pictures too!!!

  6. Awe she is so adorable! I want a little girl to sew tutu's for! Great job.

  7. This is completely adorable and the photos are so reminiscent of Celina's style. Her Nutcracker post was absolutely phenomenal wasn't it!

  8. The cutest ballerina ever. Adorable, Heidi!!!

  9. Just BEAUTIFUL! Norah would sure love this outfit too...

  10. This is so precious!! And that last photo is sooo adorable! I love this!


  11. I love the outfit (and the last photo)! :D


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