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Friday, May 2, 2014

How excited was my boy when I told him he could choose his fabrics for Kids' Choice?  EXTREMELY!  Especially when he saw the extensive selection of boys' prints at L'Oiseau.  He was quick to pick his favourites and was certain that he wanted pyjamas.

When he tried on his new pjs, he exclaimed, "Mommy!  They're sooooo comfortable!".  That's the difference high quality fabric makes.  He's never said that after trying on 'regular' store bought pjs.  Here's his reaction to "Show me how much you love your new pjs!":

And where can you find these dreamy, high quality fabrics?  L'Oiseau, of course! :)

(there are many other colours, too!)

Oh, how he loves these fabrics!  He keeps pointing out all the hammerhead and great white sharks on his t-shirt.  And I have no idea what exactly drew him to the moustaches, but he just had to have them.  Who would've thought moustaches, sharks and whales could look so good together?!

I used this pants pattern, simplified by shortening it and omitting the tab and patches.

For the t-shirt, I modified this pattern by altering the neckline from a V to a rounded one.

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6 comments on "Kids' Choice "
  1. That shark print is so fun. And it is obvious that he really loves his new outfit. That smile...

  2. it worked out so good together. <3

  3. This is just AWESOME!! I'm so enjoying this...seeing how kids drive when given the wheel! ;)

  4. Your kid makes great choices. And they coordinate beautifully!

  5. Bestest PJ's in the world? Well, the photo capturing him giving feedback certainly leaves no room for guessing :) Well done! Love the idea of the series. My daughter gets to pick fabric for just about everything I make for her. Either that, of I follow her current colour moods or print preferences (flowers, dinos, birdies - always birdies) I find it that when I involve her in the process she really enjoys wearing her mummy-made clothes :)

  6. Wonderful. Love those sharks and he looks absolutely delighted!


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