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Wednesday, May 7, 2014
Today I share our last Kids' Choice look, but there's still plenty of time for you to submit an outfit you've made.  May 9th is the deadline to upload your outfit(s) to the link up.  There are so many fun and creative outfits already submitted!

I have had a blast with my children using this different perspective of giving them more input.  While I usually give them some say, I admit, turning to them for every decision on a garment isn't my typical routine.  But they both enjoy choosing what they wear, so why not what I make them to wear, too?  My girl is especially particular these days (I think Kids' Choice hasn't helped...ha,ha!).  I put a pair of pants on her yesterday and she said, "No, Mommy.  I want something ON them".  I see more appliqués in our future!  But, it's Tobias who got one more Kids' Choice outfit.  He loves comfortable clothing and his wardrobe needed some more casual options to fit him now that his grown so much taller over the winter.  Here is what he chose:

Here's his pose of choice:


The ribbing and white jersey for the shorts were random bits from my stash.

I shortened these pants from Ottobre 1/2013.

And I didn't change a thing on this perfect tank top pattern from Ottobre 6/2013 
(other than omitting the pocket):

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5 comments on "Kids' Choice"
  1. What's Ottobre? I just googled it but I'm not able to see much because my internet's been picking and choosing what it wants to load. Is it a magazine? Book of patterns?

    1. It is a European magazine that has 40 patterns in each issue. More info and pics here:

  2. uh, that's another fun outfit. I've made the chillax pants for R some months ago. what a fun idea to just shorten them. goes right to my to sew list...

  3. Tobias chose so well - the plane fabric is fantastic ;)

  4. What a great outfit! I love the plane fabric!


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