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Bohemian Babydoll Tour - S is for Sewing and Maja.

Friday, June 6, 2014
Two lovely Bohemian Babydoll Dresses made by two very talented ladies on the tour today.  The first by Ana Sofia at S is for Sewing.  I absolutely love the eyelet and that contrasting floral hem facing...and the polka dots...ok, I love everything about it!  More pics and Ana Sofia's review at S is for Sewing.

I love sharing Maja's creations on my blog.  Not only is she a super talented sewist with a great blog, she also happens to be a REAL life friend of mine!  :)  I love my online sewing mama friends, but there's something really special about a friend you've known for years who really 'gets' what you do.  Anyway, let's talk about her my delight, she made it in a knit!  First one I've ever seen in jersey, and I love it.  She's got more beautiful pics on her blog, Maja.

3 comments on "Bohemian Babydoll Tour - S is for Sewing and Maja."
  1. Sweet little dresses. I love the cotton eyelet and hem facing. Just beautiful.

  2. Thank you so much for having me, Heidi!
    I do love the Maja's knit version - very clever :)

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