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Kids' Choice Winner - Gracious Threads

Monday, August 25, 2014
If you followed along with the Kids' Choice series back in May, you may remember the many cute outfits that were made.  Jess from Gracious Threads submitted an adorable look that ended up being one of the lucky winners of a gift certificate from L'oiseau!  Here is what she made with the fabric she won.  Isn't this coat lovely?!

Hello all! My name is Jess and I blog over at Gracious Threads. This spring I won a $50 gift certificate from L'Oiseau Fabrics as part of the Kid's Choice contest that Heidi hosted. I was thrilled to win and can't wait to show you what I made with my winnings! 

After spending a long time browsing through all the wonderful Euro fabrics that L'Oiseau Fabric stocks, I chose two Stenzo poplins. If you haven't worked with poplins before, they sew up like a dream! They are a tightly woven fabric, so a bit heavier than your average quilting cotton. They press well, and wear exceptionally well. 

The pattern I chose was Ottobre 1/2013 #31: The Passenger Trench coat (hint, L'Oiseau carries copies of the magazine too!). This is not a pattern for a beginner, however! I've been sewing for a long time, and the number of pieces, and some challenging techniques, had my on my toes. 

I sewed up size 110 with 116 width for my petite and thin almost 7 year old. The only change I made was to make it northern Canada friendly by quilting a layer of fleece to the lining. While not warm enough for playing outside, it will be perfect for dashing to and from the car for church and other times she needs to dress up. 

I love how everything looks so finished and neat inside! 


Thanks for having me and hosting such a fun contest! 

5 comments on "Kids' Choice Winner - Gracious Threads"
  1. It turned out sooo well, Jess! love it!

  2. thanks so much for having me Heidi!

  3. I just LOVE what you've done! It makes me happy looking at it! :)

  4. fell in love with this jacket is wonderful!!!


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