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Woven Labels from Kiki Kreations

Sunday, August 10, 2014
Recently, I received my first ever batch of woven labels and I can't wait to tell you more about them.  They are from Kiki Kreations and I just love them!  The quality is great and the entire process of ordering them was fantastic.  I was very impressed by the ease of which I was able to get exactly what I wanted once my order was placed.

The first step was to e-mail the specifications, plus my logo, and font preference.  Then, I was sent options to choose from.
Once I made my selection, I was shown a final sample for my approval before printing was done.

Then, after a couple weeks, my labels arrived and they looked exactly how I had hoped.

The specifics and dimensions of my woven labels are:
Folded label measures: 1.50 X 1.50 inches inches (36mm X 36mm)
Content: 100% Polyester

Here's a picture tutorial of how I attach my labels into waistbands to make sure they are straight every time:

I highly recommend Kiki Kreations if you're looking for labels you want to last long term.  The quality is impressive and I had a great experience with their customer service.

These labels were purchased at a discount in exchange for this review.  
All opinions, as always, are my own.

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  1. Thanks - great to know of a Canadian source. The ones you show, are they the Neck Labels or Hem Tags, and did you choose the centre fold or Manhattan fold? I can't quite picture the difference from looking at their website.


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