Uptown/Downtown Dress Tour


I'm taking a little detour from the Knock it Off series to introduce the first pattern release of my friend Terri from Sew Straight & Gather.  She will be sharing her Knock Off next week, but today, it's the first day of her very first tour, and I just couldn't resist participating.

One thing you'll find with this pattern is options and lots of them!  I chose to make 3/4 length sleeves and shorten the dress to a tunic in size 4.  Truth be told, I intended to make a dress, but Anja really wanted me to use Wild Roses Turquoise Jersey Knit from l'oiseau and I didn't have enough.  Can you blame her?  It's gorgeous fabric!  And we love how it turned out!

The Uptown/Downtown Dress is an A-line knit dress available in sizes two - 10 years.  It's versatile design allows for either a casual or semi-formal look (or maybe somewhere in between).  One unique element to the pattern that I thought was really great, is in addition to the three sleeve options, there are three additional design options included with full tutorials.  That's a lot of looks! 

You can get your copy of the Uptown/Downtown Dress pattern in the Sew Straight Pattern shop and use the code:uptowndowntowntour to receive a 30% discount.

And how about a giveaway?  There's an incredible prize package, so enter below and good luck!

3 people left comments on: "Uptown/Downtown Dress Tour"

  1. Thanks Heidi! For hanging out today! I love the tunic! Such a beautiful fabric Anja picked out!

  2. I so want that knit!! I love how happy she is too!

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