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Hemlock Top and Magnolia Skirt Tester Photos

Monday, September 1, 2014
The much anticipated E & E Fall Collection will be released later this week and to give you a taste of the possibilities, here are just some of the wonderful results the testers had with the Hemlock Top and Magnolia Skirt patterns.

Jessica (Lil Luxe by Jess)

Maja (maja.)

Amanda (lilypadmontana

Marelet (Mjia Mae & Jordan 

Sherri (Thread Riding Hood

Special thanks to all of the testers who worked hard behind the scenes, meticulously reading through the patterns and giving their valuable feedback.

The Hemlock Top and Magnolia Skirt patterns are available here.

4 comments on "Hemlock Top and Magnolia Skirt Tester Photos"
  1. Loving it! Can't wait for some WestCoast appropriate patterns ;)

  2. These are fantastic Heidi!! I had trouble viewing the look book, so I'm so excited to see these!

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