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Warp & Weft Sewing Society Wildwood Blog Hop

Thursday, October 2, 2014
Welcome to the Warp & Weft Sewing Society Blog Hop featuring the Cloud 9 Wildwood fabric collection by Elizabeth Olwen.  

Wildwood is inspired by long walks through the forest, searching the forest floor for rare flowers and interesting leaves and forms and reveling in how timeless it feels. One of the themes that inspires Elizabeth Olwen throughout her work is that of the fairy tale — the fields and forests of a British landscape, the places that wild-at-heart maidens run away to when they’re going to be married off to someone they don’t love, the sound of fallen leaves crunching as a horse gallops through. A ‘wild at heart’ spirit. A sense of romance. The wild forest. ‘Wildwood’ speaks to these foresty areas and their uncultivated nature.

What a pleasure it was to be surprised with two beautiful samples of this collection with the challenge of creating something with them for my children.  Knowing the inspiration of walks through field and forest, I knew a cape for Anja was a perfect choice.  Pairing Wildflower with some navy blue velour in my stash, a 'Little Red Riding Hood-esque' cape was created.

Forest Floor Khaki became a classy tie for Tobias.

Forest Floor Khaki 

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9 comments on "Warp & Weft Sewing Society Wildwood Blog Hop"
  1. Beautiful job. The velour is a great choice to match with the Wildwood print. Also, I officially cannot show this post to my kids or I'll be drafted for cape sewing duty. Really cute!

  2. Cute cape & nice tie, both fabrics are lovely. The title captured my attention because there's a book called young adult "Wildwood" which I read a few years ago.

  3. What a beautiful photo shoot, Heidi! The cape is super cute and I love the tie too!

  4. What lovley kiddos and the tie and cape are the bomb!

  5. Your kids are adorable! And I love both outfits so much.

  6. Oh, I just adore the cape! My goodness your kidlets are the cutest models! Your little man looks so "official" with his tie!

  7. First... your children are just beautiful! :) Those eyes!! I love your cape & tie! Soo sweet!! :)

  8. beautiful cape and a great tie!!!!


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