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B*Trendy Sewing Pattern Magazine Review

Monday, October 17, 2016

The Made By Oranges is a small sewing pattern magazine company from the Netherlands, operated by Henriette and Martin (pattern designer & graphic designer). Four times per year, Made By Oranges publishes separate pattern magazines for both ladies and children.

It was my pleasure to receive complimentary copies of both the B*Trendy and My Image magazines, and offer my review on these new products (with a special discount for E&E readers!). I've always loved and admired European style, so it was easy to feel inspired to create with these designs. With over 20 patterns to choose from, the greatest challenge was to narrow it down to just one to start with!

Since my daughter has a new found love for nightgowns rather than two-piece pyjamas, I chose the Nightdress in size 116. She is currently 112 cm in height, so I had to shorten the length accordingly, but made no changes to the width.

Using some fabric from one of my favourite online shops, L'Oiseau Fabrics, I got to work and was pleased with how quickly the pattern came together. Something to keep in mind when using this pattern magazine, is there are very few digitally drawn instructions, so the user should be comfortable with figuring out the steps based on text. I found the instructions well-written, concise, and easy to follow. Also, the patterns must be traced onto paper (I use Swedish tracing paper).

The result: Anja loves her new nightdress (and so do I)!

Some of the features I especially like about these magazines, are the number of patterns (20 in B*Trendy and 16 in My Image), multiple language options (English, French, Dutch, German, and Spanish), and the bonus of three additional pdf patterns per magazine. Priced at 5,95 Euro (about $8.70CAD or $6.60USD), these magazines are an incredible value and for a limited time, E&E readers can take advantage of additional savings with a generous discount offered by Made By Oranges!

To receive 25% off your purchase until November 1, 2016, use coupon code: elegance

Thank you Made By Oranges!
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