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Fabric Printing By Bags of Love

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Bags of Love is a company based in London, UK, that specializes in personalized gifts, wall art, and fabric printing. They have over 12 years experience digitally printing textile and their own print facility and manufacturing plant in one location. They also print every textile to order with no minimum requirement. I have always wanted to have my own custom fabric printed, so I was excited to get the process started. 

When I initially browsed their website, I was surprised at the huge selection of fabrics types that were available. There is everything from cashmere, jersey, chiffon, leather, fleece, silk, neoprene, and even speaker fabrics, just to name a few. With over 60 fabrics to choose from, my first challenge was which one to pick! But having recently released the Mira Dress pattern, I knew I wanted to create something to highlight that design. My final decision was to select Monroe Satin, the heaviest and least shiny of the three satin options.

Next on the agenda, was deciding on the print itself. With Easter just around the corner, and the fact that rabbits are my daughter's favourite animal, I knew I wanted to incorporate bunnies in the design somewhere. I've really been loving the latest trend of fabric printed with animals on them, so I decided to use a photograph of rabbits. I purchased the following photo from a stock photo website and tiled it with the easy-to-use image tools on the Bags of Love website. 

There is even a video to help make the tiling process even easier.

Once my order was placed, I could not believe how quickly my fabric arrived. Within less than a week, from London to the west coast of Canada, the fabric was in my hands.  I think it was even delayed a couple days because we had a huge snowstorm during that time which wreaked havoc on all of the local transportation in my area.

The first thing I noticed was the quality of the both the print and the fabric itself. At Bags of Love, they use professional trade deep fibre printing on their satin fabrics, and the result of this process produced a perfect print for me. The fabric is very soft and smooth, with a slight shine to it and is the perfect weight for the gathered skirt in my dress design.  It's hard to show in photos how beautiful this fabric truly is, so I hope you can take my word for it!

Here are some photos of this dress in action. The only alteration I made to the Mira Dress pattern was to add a great, big sash. Without a doubt, this has become my daughter's favourite dress. The beautiful drape of the skirt had her flittering and twirling around the garden. It was wonderful to see how delighted she was to wear this dress!

The whole experience was so positive from beginning to end, that I can highly recommend them for all your fabric printing needs. The website is full of positive reviews from clients who purchased other items, so I would also feel confident placing an order for their other personalized products as well. Head over to Bags of Love and make your dream of high quality custom fabric printing a reality! 
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