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  1. That Pea Coat & Blazer is so cute. Did you make the pattern yourself? I would love one for my little man. Good Luck hope you WIN.

  2. Hi, I recently bught the ruffle top pattern, which I love by the way. I think it might be me but I can't work out what the seam allowance is when joining the top together. I am sure I have just missed it in the notes but I wondered if you could let me know. Thanks in adavance x

  3. My computer doesn't allow me to click on your email address. Can you please send it to me? I Have a question regarding the bubble shorts pattern I purchased, thanks!

  4. Heidi,
    what a lovely page you have! I've just found you and no, I don't want to miss any of your future posts - bloglovin it is, hehe. I have one question though: do you recall what font do you use for your body text? It does a lot to the overal design experience on this blog. Happy sewing,


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