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Project Lounge Library

Thursday, November 26, 2020

With great excitement, I can finally introduce you to Project Lounge Library! This collaboration has been in the works for the past couple months, since the group of five designers was formed by Audrey from Project Run & Play. This is my first time contributing to a PR&P collection, so it's been a new and exciting experience for me.

While we are spending much more time at home these days than we usually do, we are homebodies by nature. Regulars at our community library, we easily reaching the lending limit of 60 books each week. So, incorporating the theme of lounging and reading was a great fit for us. 

When considering what to design for the collection, I immediately thought of one of my all-time favourite books, Anne of Green Gables. Last year, my children and I listened to the audiobook version of it, and it quickly became my daughter's favourite, too. My son was also a big fan, but Anne couldn't quite compare with Harry Potter for him! 

The first design to become a reality was the Novella Pinafore. Anja loves vintage styled clothing and pinafores are a regular staple in her wardrobe. Surprisingly, I had yet to design one, so this was an easy decision. Inspired by pinafores worn by little girls in years gone by, the Novella's retro look is right on trend today.

I knew that my daughter would want many Novella Pinafores, so there had to be options! You can choose between a simple, gathered skirt, a three-tired skirt, or a shorter straight skirt. All the skirt options look great in a variety of woven fabrics including corduroy, velveteen, cotton blend, linen, and wool, to name a few. I look forward to making some next summer is some lighter weight fabrics like double gauze. The front pocket provides an excellent place to add some embroidery. 

Something needed to be created to layer under the Novella. This is where I went more specific with the story of Anne Shirley, the main character in Anne of Green Gables. Anne came from a very humble background, and even when she became a beloved member of the Cuthbert family, still had very little in terms of extravagance. But, she still had big dreams. One of them was to be able to wear an exquisite dress, with extra lovely puffy sleeves. This was exactly what my Story pattern needed...those sleeves. 

Story is a knit pattern, suitable for stretchy fabrics including french terry, jersey, ponte, and sweatshirt knit. Some of my testers also made beautiful Story dresses in stretch velvet. Story includes top, tunic, and dress lengths and has an adorable kangaroo front pocket.

It definitely has been delightful to see these two patterns move from imagination to reality!

These are just two of the eleven patterns in the Project Lounge Library Collection. Keep following Project Run & Play to see more pattern introductions. On November 30th, the Lookbook will release full of all the spectacular outfits created by the other designers and sewists. You'll find the looks I created with some of the other patterns in the collection, too. Can't wait!

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