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Bohemian Babydoll Tour - Our Chez Nous

Wednesday, May 28, 2014
Julie has made a super pretty Bohemian Babydoll and has plenty more pics of it over at her blog, Our Chez Nous.  Here you can see the sleeveless variation that's one of the options with this pattern as well as the use of contrasting fabrics.  Head over to Our Chez Nous  to see more.

Bohemian Babydoll on Tour - A Jennuine Life

Tuesday, May 27, 2014
The Bohemian Babydoll is over at A Jenniune Life today.  Jenn has done such an amazing job with this pattern.  I can't get over this gorgeous shade of orange and the delicate daisy trim.  More beautiful pics over at A Jennuine Life.

Bohemian Babydoll on Tour - Sew Straight & Gather

Friday, May 16, 2014
The Bohemian Babydoll is on tour over the next little while and today it's over at Sew Straight & Gather.  Terri has made such a beautiful variation as a top with a delicate floral print and solid shade of orchid.  So pretty!  See more pics here.

Kids' Choice Winners

Sunday, May 11, 2014
Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there!  I hope you get spoiled and enjoy your day.

I'm thrilled to make this an even more special day for three moms who submitted outfits for Kids' Choice.  The randomly selected winners are: Amy (SEWSNBOWS), Jess (Gracious Threads), and Angela (Snippet).  Aren't these outfits absolutely delightful!?

These lucky ladies will get to spend $50 each on exquisite fabric, trims, or anything else that catches their fancy at:

Elegance & Elephants

Thank you so much to everyone who entered.  I hope that it was a rewarding experience for you to create along side your children to make something extra special for them.  I know it was for me, and I look forward to continuing to collaborate with my little ones.

And a big thank you to our generous sponsor, l'oiseau.  Thank you for being such a huge supporter of creativity and for your passion to make incredibly gorgeous, high quality products accessible and affordable here in North America.

Kids' Choice

Wednesday, May 7, 2014
Today I share our last Kids' Choice look, but there's still plenty of time for you to submit an outfit you've made.  May 9th is the deadline to upload your outfit(s) to the link up.  There are so many fun and creative outfits already submitted!

I have had a blast with my children using this different perspective of giving them more input.  While I usually give them some say, I admit, turning to them for every decision on a garment isn't my typical routine.  But they both enjoy choosing what they wear, so why not what I make them to wear, too?  My girl is especially particular these days (I think Kids' Choice hasn't helped...ha,ha!).  I put a pair of pants on her yesterday and she said, "No, Mommy.  I want something ON them".  I see more appliqu├ęs in our future!  But, it's Tobias who got one more Kids' Choice outfit.  He loves comfortable clothing and his wardrobe needed some more casual options to fit him now that his grown so much taller over the winter.  Here is what he chose:

Here's his pose of choice:


The ribbing and white jersey for the shorts were random bits from my stash.

I shortened these pants from Ottobre 1/2013.

And I didn't change a thing on this perfect tank top pattern from Ottobre 6/2013 
(other than omitting the pocket):

Elegance & Elephants

Want to sew-along?  There are awesome prizes to win!  
Link up your look HERE.

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Elegance & Elephants
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Kids' Choice

Monday, May 5, 2014

A new week, a new Kids' Choice outfit!  Anja got to pick one more outfit, and was she ever excited about it.  As soon as the fabric arrived from L'Oiseau, she kept asking if her butterfly pants were done, yet.  She couldn't wait!

She just loves the heart on her t-shirt!

Anja's favourite part of this fun design, is the pockets.

Love the weight and softness of this fabric.

Butterfly Denim
Such a unique print!  Keep in mind, it is a lightweight denim,
with a really nice drape to it.

This iron-on heart is also from L'Oiseau, but no longer available.  This are lots of other fun ones here, though.

I altered the t-shirt pattern slightly by straightening the sides a bit.
The only thing I changed about the pants was omitting the patches on the front.

Elegance & Elephants

Want to sew-along?  There are awesome prizes to win!  
Link up your look HERE.

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Elegance & Elephants
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Kids' Choice

Friday, May 2, 2014

How excited was my boy when I told him he could choose his fabrics for Kids' Choice?  EXTREMELY!  Especially when he saw the extensive selection of boys' prints at L'Oiseau.  He was quick to pick his favourites and was certain that he wanted pyjamas.

When he tried on his new pjs, he exclaimed, "Mommy!  They're sooooo comfortable!".  That's the difference high quality fabric makes.  He's never said that after trying on 'regular' store bought pjs.  Here's his reaction to "Show me how much you love your new pjs!":

And where can you find these dreamy, high quality fabrics?  L'Oiseau, of course! :)

(there are many other colours, too!)

Oh, how he loves these fabrics!  He keeps pointing out all the hammerhead and great white sharks on his t-shirt.  And I have no idea what exactly drew him to the moustaches, but he just had to have them.  Who would've thought moustaches, sharks and whales could look so good together?!

I used this pants pattern, simplified by shortening it and omitting the tab and patches.

For the t-shirt, I modified this pattern by altering the neckline from a V to a rounded one.

Elegance & Elephants

Want to sew-along?  There are awesome prizes to win!  
Link up your look HERE.

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Elegance & Elephants
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Kids' Choice Link up and Outfit One

Thursday, May 1, 2014
Happy May!!!  May is one of my very favourite months because it's the month I became a mom.  Yes, my boy is turning six in a few weeks!  Seems the perfect time to start the Kids' Choice series and give away some amazing prizes on Mother's Day!!

If you missed the Kids' Choice announcement, you can find it HERE.  Basically, it's all about having fun with your child(ren) and sewing them something special with fabrics that they choose.  Take it further and let them use their creativity with the pattern and accessories.  Really, this is all about them, but of course, you get the fun of sewing it all up!

Elegance & Elephants

The wonderful sponsor for this event is L'Oiseau, a shop that celebrates everything creative in the world of sewing and knitting.  If you are looking for the highest of quality and the best in customer service, L'Oiseau is the place to be.  The inspiration behind L'Oiseau began six years ago when owner, Michelle, became passionate about sewing for her kids and wanted to wrap them up in fun, bright, and amazing fabrics.  She then realized how difficult it was to get those fabrics she wanted, and often had to look overseas to find them.  After years of research, she decided to make those fabrics accessible here in North America and opened up her shop.  She is so eager to go to great lengths to fill her shop with only the best.  I am absolutely thrilled that three readers will be winning $50 shopping sprees to spend on whatever they like from L'Oiseau's extensive selection!

Elegance & Elephants
(affiliate link)

When my children were given the opportunity to choose some fabric from L'Oiseau for their Kids' Choice outfits, they were SO excited (as was I)!  It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience for both them and me!

Here is the first of Anja's looks: Happy Horses.

This adorable fabric from L'Oiseau is in high demand and it's no wonder why!  What little girl wouldn't want to wear bright, colourful whimsical horses and stars?!  This fabric is made by Poppy in the Netherlands and on this side of the world, it's only available at L'Oiseau.  It's not surprising that it quickly sold out, but don't worry!  It will be back in stock soon.  Follow on L'Oiseau Facebook so you can know when it arrives, and keep up with all the current news at L'Oiseau.

The ribbon is awesome, too!  I have it in several colours and find so many uses for them.  You can find it here.

We ended up having a really fun, easy-going photo shoot.  If you've ever tried to give direction to a three year old, you know it's not always the easiest situation.  This time, I totally let go, and she got to keep the upside-down View Master and mismatched leggings for the shoot.  And you know, it was so much less stressful and a lot more fun!

The pattern I used was also by Poppy, from their magazine B*inspired Spring/Summer issue.  This Dutch pattern magazine is a new product to reach North America and is full of 20 patterns that centre around family life.  I love the dress Anja chose...such interesting lines and a unique silhouette!  I'll be making some more of these for sure!  And there's also a t-shirt version as well.  You cannot beat the value you receive with this magazine (it works out to just under 38 cents per pattern!!!!).

And now, it's your turn!

From May 1-9, you can link up your projects here at E & E and share all your creations.  Enter as many times as you like, even it's an outfit you've made before.  Then, on May 11, three submissions will be chosen at random to win the ultimate Mother's Day gift: a shopping spree at L'Oiseau of $50 each!  At a later date, coordinated by the winners and myself, they will show us what they made with their winnings here at E&E.  How fun will that be?!

So, the only rule here is that the kids get to choose.  That's it!  Let's see what your kids chose for you to make them!

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