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More Imported Fabrics, Trims, and Patterns from L'Oiseau

Monday, November 25, 2013

While Friday, was all about what I made for my boy, today, it's my little girl who was lucky enough to received two complete outfits made with delights from L'Oiseau.  L'Oiseau is a Canadian online shop which was opened because of a love of creating beautiful and whimsical clothes.  To make those clothes, you need unique and wonderful products, which is exactly what you'll find there.  An added bonus is that everything at L'Oiseau is top quality, so you can shop with confidence.

When browsing through the Ottobre magazine (Autumn 2013 issue) I received from L'Oiseau, I immediately knew I had to make this adorable outfit:

L'Oiseau has an amazing selection of imported European fabrics in beautiful prints.  With so many gorgeous fabrics to choose from, I finally decided on the Dutch Blooms European Jersey Knit.  How could I not when I saw this posted on L'Oiseau's Facebook page?

"This is hands down the most lovely, silky, richly coloured, beautifully draping, all round gorgeous jersey knit I have ever felt...and I have felt a lot of jersey. Everything that came in this past week is...stunning. Can you imagine how comfy and lovely a Christmas dress would be?"

And I thought it was pretty neat that it's also available in corduroy, so, I ordered both.  And I absolutely agree with the comments above…this fabric is GORGEOUS!  The quality of these knits are unlike any I've ever seen.  They are soft, have just the right amount of stretch, and are the perfect weight.  And the fine wale corduroy is just is beautiful.  It's so velvety smooth, and I love the authentic Dutch design.

One note about the blazer: although the pattern recommended a sweatshirt knit, I used the corduroy.  Making no change to the pattern whatsoever, it fit perfectly.  Since it's outerwear, the pattern allowed for the right amount of ease to make it fit great for wovens, too.

To coordinate with the florals, I went with some fun, vibrant dots.

For the second outfit, I decided to make some super easy, fun leggings (appropriately called 'Uncomplicated Leggings') and since I loved how my boy's Beagle Boy Hoodie turned out, made one for Anja as well.  I also adapted the little purse seen in the photo below, but omitting the petals.  You can find a free pattern for it here.  After having made four garments from Ottobre magazine, I have to say I wholeheartedly recommend them.  The fit is fantastic, the designs superb, and the instructions are well-written and concise.  They are not for the beginner, though, in my opinion, since there are no diagrams to help guide you through the sewing process.

In addition to the garments, I had a lot of fun making the matching accessories, adding some cute trims from L'Oiseau.  The are so many ways you can use these to personalize anything you make (or even buy), but I chose to make the couple little purses and hair clips.

If you value exceptional quality, unique design, and top notch customer service, make sure to head over to L'Oiseau and check out their extensive selection!  They are AMAZING!  And head over to their Facebook page to find their newsletter.  There's some very important information about a major Black Friday deal on shipping!

*Although some of the fabrics and notions used to make the garments for this post were provided free of charge, all my enthusiastic opinions are my own.* 

8 comments on "More Imported Fabrics, Trims, and Patterns from L'Oiseau"
  1. Look at all the goodies!!! I LOOOVE it all, especially the blazer…too cute! I'm heading over to L'Oiseau right now...

  2. The clothing you made is absolutely lovely! I have been dropping by L'Oiseau's site for a while, admiring their beautiful fabrics. I will definitely order from there once I make enough of a dent in my stash that I can justify new fabric. I was wondering if you would mind if I asked you a question about the blazer. In the magazine, it's made out of a knit with 20% stretch. Since you made it with a woven, did you have to choose a larger size to fit your daughter, or did you still just choose the size based on her measurements?

    1. First of all, thank you very much! And to answer your question, normally when switching to a woven from a knit, I would add a size, but since the blazer is outerwear I chose not to change a thing and it fit perfectly.

  3. Amazing!!!!! I have this issue and it is awesome!!!! I also know the owner of the L'Oieau and she is amazing! Good job Heidi!

  4. Wow, you've been busy! It's gorgeous, and you really inspired me to try some new patterns now!

  5. Heidi, I stumbled on L'Oiseau on Etsy a couple of months ago when I was looking for knit jersey. I've been incredibly impressed with out fast Michelle shipped out my order, as well as with the quality of her fabrics, not to mention the huge variety she has. Bonus for us Canadians, there is no fear of the dreaded customs fee when the package arrives!!! Woohoo!!! I blogged a few times about L'Oiseau too as I feel it's a little goldmine! I see many more orders for that store in the future!! Congrats in having L'oiseau as a sponsor!

    Oh, I absolutely love what you made for your daughter! I am a sucker for colourful garments and you nailed it!!! So fun and definately something my girls would love to wear (which is to me the most important part of the sewing adventure!)

    I'll have to try an Ottobre pattern soon!



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