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Ponderosa Dress Tester Photos

Thursday, September 4, 2014
The release of the E & E Fall Collection is very soon, but before that happens, let's see what some of the amazing testers made with the Ponderosa Dress pattern.  

Sherri (Thread Riding Hood

 Deborah (Sprouting Jube Jube)


Amanda (lilypadmontana

Marelet (Mjia Mae & Jordan

Special thanks to all of the testers who took the time to give such useful and important feedback to help perfect the Ponderosa Dress pattern.  You are all very much appreciated!

The Ponderosa Dress is available here.

5 comments on "Ponderosa Dress Tester Photos"
  1. Congratulations on your new collection Heidi! I love what you've shared so far, and can't wait to sew up one of these dresses:)

  2. so cute!! this looks like such a fun dress! pinned it! Emily

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