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Knock it Off - Simple Simon & Co.

Monday, November 26, 2012
Today's knock-off is brought to us by Elizabeth from Simple Simon & Co., where she shares her creativity with her sister-in-law, liZ.  Their designs are beyond amazing...I just can't get enough of pretty much anything and everything they make!  They also organize the Project Run & Play competition, so you can imagine how busy they are.  I am super appreciative that despite their incredibly busy schedule, Elizabeth took the the time to show us how she made this adorable accessory.  

Hi everyone!  I am Elizabeth, one half of the duo of sisters-in-law that make up Simple Simon & Co., a place where we blog about our mutual love of sewing, especially for children's wear, the art of homemaking, simple craft projects and other crafting adventures in life.

I am totally in love with anything Olive Juice clothing does and this darling pom pom necklace is no exception.  Simple, childlike but still so darling on an outfit.

I also figured out that it would also be the perfect mom-and-me project for a budding-crafty-seven-year-old.  And it was.  She had so much fun picking out the bead colors and the "sparkly" beads (which I am kind of in love with myself).  They are like tiny disco balls and sparkle up a storm.  She also decided that these would be a great presents for her friends this Christmas, which will be fun...we just need some more supplies!

The cost of the original necklace is $17.50 but we made 2 necklaces for just under $6 using coupons.  (I love a good savings.)  But, if you did the felted wool poms yourself I am sure you could save even more.

Here's how we made them....

Thanks Heidi for having me here today!  I love your series and all the projects that have been much inspiration and eye candy to look at.  Amazing!

Simple Simon & Co

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